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Acoustics of Turbulent Flows


Artificial Intelligence in Turbulence

Astrophysical Flows

Atomization and Sprays

Atmospheric Flows

Atmospheric Turbulence

Biological/Biomedical Fluid Mechanics

Boundary Layers

Combustion and Reacting Flows

Compressible Flows

Computational Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Methods

Computational Rheology

Control of Turbulent Flows

Convection and Buoyancy-Driven Flows

Drops and Bubbles

Electrokinetic Flows

Experimental Techniques

Flow Control

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Free Surface Flows

Geophysical and Astrophysical Turbulence

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Granular Flows

Industrial Applications

Instability and Transition

Intermittency and Scaling

Jets and Free Shear Flows

Lagrangian Aspects of Turbulence

Large-Eddy Simulation and Related Techniques


MHD Turbulence

Microscale and Nanoscale Flows

Multiphase Flows

Multiphase Turbulence

Non-Newtonian Flows

Non-Newtonian Turbulence

Particle-Laden Flows

Porous Media Flows

Quantum Computing for Fluids

Rarefied Flows

Reacting and Compressible Turbulence

Rotating Fluids

Separated Flows

Stokes Flow

Superfluids Turbulence

Surface Tension Effects and Interfacial Fluid Dynamics


Transport and Mixing

Vortex Dynamics and Structure Formation

Wall-Bounded Flows: Experiment

Wall-Bounded Flows: Simulations

Wall-Bounded Flows: Theory


Wind and Water Power